Promiseland Safe Relaunch (Phase 1)

Precautions taken & Procedures for Sunday morning:

  • Checkin:  Each family will be checked in individually by a Checkin desk representative. This will prevent the spread of germs on a formerly ‘high touch’ surface.
  • Classroom Entry:  Each child will receive hand sanitizer upon entry to their classroom. This will ensure the cleanliness of our Children’s hands as they enter class together.
  • Social Distancing/Masks:  Each child will be required to wear their mask while in the classroom during service. Seating at Children’s tables have been spaced to ensure maximal amount of space while maintaining availability of classroom staff to help each child. This will ensure minimal transmission of germs between Children during activity/lesson time.
  • Tables/Surfaces in Classroom:  Each of the ‘high touch’ surfaces will have been wiped down prior to class throughout the week. In addition to this, they will be wiped down during class (when possible) to ensure the cleanest possible surfaces within the classroom.
  • Toys/Play Time:  During play time, we will be ensuring that sharing of toys will be at a minimum. In between usage of ‘popular’ toys, we will be cleaning/wiping down toys to ensure the minimizing of germ spread from toys. In addition to this, we will be minimizing the size of play groups to ensure that germ spread among children is minimized as well.
  • Snack Time:  Snacks will be distributed by staff in the safest manner possible (sanitized/gloved hands) to ensure minimal transmission of germs during distribution.  In addition, Children will be instructed not to share snacks, and to ensure that they wear their mask once they are finished with their snack.

We are hopeful that through these safety measures, we will minimize to the greatest extent the transmission of germs among our Children on Sunday mornings. We ask that you would remain in prayer with us that the Lord would protect the youngest among us and free them to hear & believe the Gospel.